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Tech Tips: Always keep these 3 things in mind to protect your smartphone from hacking

Nowadays, we have all kinds of important information stored in our smartphones. In such a situation, the risk of hacking has increased a lot because hackers want to access our personal information. To avoid this, you have to keep your phone safe, and also take care of its security.

So today we tell you about some such easy ways, by adopting which you can help increase the security of your smartphone.

software update

It is very important to keep the software updated to protect the phone from any kind of hacking or error. Smartphone companies keep releasing updates for phones from time to time, in which security patches and new features are introduced for the phone. The security update or operating system update that comes in the phone ensures that your phone continues to run on the most secure version.

use secure apps

There are thousands of apps available on Play Store and App Store. Therefore, keeping in mind the security, we should use such secure apps, in which technology like encryption has been used. Encryption keeps your data secure and no one else can access your chats. Apple’s iMessage and Facebook’s WhatsApp support end-to-end encryption.

Avoid giving access to all apps

From your location to contacts, apps take up a lot of data from your phone. If you don’t want your data to be passed on to someone else, the best approach is to avoid downloading apps that demand access to your personal information.

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