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Testing of 5G in India, America went a step ahead, started work on 6G in collaboration with this big company

A few days ago there was news that LG Electronics is going to work on 6G. Now the company has informed that a senior researcher at LG Electronics will lead a working group in the North American Mobile Technology Coalition to develop 6G technology.

The company said Li Ki-dong, a leading LG researcher, was elected chairman of the applications working group at the Next G Alliance earlier this month. He has been given a two-year term to head the working group, which will address the needs of 6G-related applications.

48 companies are working together on this

The Next G Alliance was launched by the US-based Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) last October to strengthen the mobile technology leadership element in 6G. It has a total of six working groups with 48 companies from the telecom, software and semiconductor sectors serving as members.

According to the Yonhap News Agency report, LG has said that 6G technology is expected to be commercialized in 2029 and talks for its standardization will start in 2025.

This technology will be much faster than 5G

The next generation telecom network will provide faster data speeds, lower latency and higher reliability than 5G and will be able to bring the concept of Ambient Internet of Everything (AIoE), which provides a better connected experience to the users.

LG had set up a 6G research center with KAIST in 2019 and signed an agreement with the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science last year to study 6G technology. For this, the company has also partnered with US-based electronics testing and measurement company Keysight Technologies. Keysight Technologies is a leading supplier of 6G Terahertz Research Equipment. It has been providing equipment to LG and KAIST’s 6G Research Center.

Let us tell you that the testing of 5G has started in India and telecom companies have started work on it. All three companies including Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea are working on this and it is expected that it can be started in some cities of India soon.

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