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The wrong name, and address on the ration card? Update in minutes, here is a simple process


Changes can be made in the ration card very easily, although you must have internet for this
It is mandatory to link ration card with your aadhar card for online application
For shifting to a new place or getting a new house, a new address has to be fixed in the government card.

Many people give wrong digital ration cards. Sometimes your personal details are filled in the wrong and sometimes the details of your family members! Now by doing this, only these wrong details get fed into your ration card. Now, these wrong details can trouble you a lot in many places because it does not match with other details. Apart from this, sometimes on shifting to a new place or building a new house, a new address has to be fixed on the government card. If the address is not correct, there are many problems related to the ration card. Many people make rounds of government offices to rectify the mistake of ration cards. But now this work can be done easily sitting at home, so you do not need to go round.

However, we will also advise you here that never on your own will knowingly give any of your details wrong for any government document. However, if any of the details get wrong due to any reason, you can easily change them online. Today we are going to tell you how you can make changes to your ration card online. Let us know how the name, address, and other details can be changed on the ration card.
Process for change in digital ration card document:

This can be done very easily if your phone/computer has a proper internet connection-

First of all, select your state by clicking on this link https://nfsa.gov.in/portal/ration_card_state_portals_aa in your browser. Here a new website will open which is for your state only.
When you open the website, click on the option 'Ration Card' on the top left.
Now select the 'Apply Online' option from the bottom.
After this there will be option 'Apply for Correction of Details in Existing Ration Card (Form-5)'. Click on it...
After clicking on the option a new window will open in front of your screen.
Here you have to give the number which you linked with your ration card.
Then click on 'Get OTP' option.
Enter the OTP that will be received on the mobile and click on the 'Proceed' button.
If you are trying to log in for the first time, the site may ask you for ration card details or all the data.
Then the names of your family members will appear on your computer/mobile screen.
It is mandatory to link Ration card with Aadhar card for online application.
After completing the previous steps, scroll down to the very bottom of the screen.
Here there will be an option to write 'Apply Form 5'. Below that you have to click on the 'Apply Now' button.
This will open a new window on your screen. Here you will be able to correct any errors in your or family members name or other documents.
This time scroll down the screen to find the "Next" button, click on it.
A new page will open here. Corrections you made on that page Check if the data correction is correct and check the check box below.
Then click on the 'Proceed' button.
You also have to click on the check box to open another page at this time.
Then click on 'Get OTP' button.
Enter the OTP that will come on your mobile in the right place.
Then click on 'Submit OTP' option.
Then a new page will show that your form has been submitted.

How to Change Digital Ration Card Address:

Now online digital ration card document correction, as well as address change, can be done. See what you have to do-

To do this, first you have to go to the PDS portal by clicking on https://epds.nic.in/.
If you visit this website, you will see a list of specific states. Once you select your state, a new page will open.
Apart from selecting the state, you will need to enter your ID and password correctly and provide all other required documents.
Then click on 'Submit' option.
You will need to print a copy of your application for change of address.
Documents required to change the address of the digital ration card:

Some documents are very important to update the new address on the ration card. Without these, changing addresses can be a bit difficult. Check if you have these documents-

Three passport size photographs.
The certificate for the new address you just want to add.
Your recent tax bill if you own or buy a house.
If you move out to rent another home, that new rental house is a rent bill.
Whether it is correcting any wrong details of the ration card or changing the address, if you follow a few steps correctly, you can easily do these important tasks online.

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