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This is how you can uninstall built-in apps in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a lot of pre-installed apps like Xbox, Groove Music, People, Maps etc which just occupy space but if you want to get rid of them then there are simple ways to uninstall them. These built-in apps cannot be uninstalled from Control Panel, but you can certainly uninstall them in other ways. These universal apps can be uninstalled in a few simple ways.

Method 1

The dropdown menu is the easiest way to uninstall built-in apps in Windows 10. First of all go to the start menu, there you have to type the name of the app. Right click on it and then select Uninstall.

Method 2

You can use PowerShell to remove these apps from Windows 10. Operating systems have many uses and uninstalling these apps is as simple as this. PowerShell is actually the most popular way to uninstall built-in apps.

The way to do it is given below-

Step 1: Type powershell in the Windows 10 search bar. Right-click on PowerShell. Then select Run as Administrator.

Step 2: Type the following command: get-appxpackage. ft name, packagefullname – autosize after which you will see a list of installed apps.

Step 3: If you want to remove any app, you have to type the following command: get-appxpackage -xboxapp. You have to change the app name and then use wildcards. You have to use it before and after the name of the app in Powershell.

Step 4: You have to wait for a while so that Windows can remove the bloatware.

These are the various methods with the help of which in-built apps can be removed or uninstalled from Windows 10. You can uninstall almost all apps in this way except a few in-built apps.

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