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Three new features on YouTube, spam comments and fake accounts will be curbed

Popular video-sharing platform YouTube is working on a slew of new features to curb spam comments and fake accounts. Also, the platform is now going to remove the option for channels to hide their subscriber count. The company has said that in this way fake accounts will not be able to comment on the platform with the identity of the creators. YouTube has also brought a new comment moderation setting.

The company has given information about three features

YouTube has announced three new features in an official community post that will tackle the issue of spam comments and fake accounts. After July 29, 2022, creators will not have the option to hide the number of subscribers of their channels. The company believes that after this change, the problems of fake accounts stealing the identity of popular channels will increase. Right now channels can decide whether their subscriber count will be visible to all or not.

Hence the change related to the subscriber count

YouTube said, “We have seen fake account creators hide their subscriber counts by using the names of big channels and commenting so that more users can access their channel pages.” The platform admitted that some creators hide subscriber count to build their audience and not all channels hiding subscriber count is wrong, but this decision has been taken to make the community safe.

YouTube has become the world’s most downloaded and used app in the last decade. The total population of the world is about 7.9 billion and the YouTube app has been downloaded by Android users more than 10 billion times.

New creator comment moderation settings

The video-sharing platform has included improved creator comment moderation settings for creators in YouTube Studio. With these moderation settings, creators can increase the stringency of the ‘Held for review’ tab, after which objectionable comments will be put up for review before being published. Filtering spam and identity abuse comments will become easier with the optional feature. Let us tell you, that users still get the option to filter bad comments.

Limitations on the use of special characters

It has been seen earlier that scammers creating fake accounts take the help of special characters to make their name look like the original channel. The company has changed the limit of special characters used in the name of the channel. YouTube has clarified that the new channel will not be given the option to make its name like any existing popular channel and action will be taken for doing so.

The company is going to shut down the YouTube Go app

Google is going to shut down YouTube Go, the slimmed version of the main YouTube app launched in 2016. In the new update, Google has announced that the YouTube Go app will not be available for users from the month of August. Let us tell you, YouTube Go is the lite version of the company’s popular video sharing service YouTube’s app. YouTube Go was developed specifically for poor connectivity and low-end mobile phones.

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