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These are the top 5 features of Desi messaging app Sandes, which are not even in WhatsApp

WhatsApp vs Made in India messaging app Sandes:

Sandes has been in the limelight for the past few days. The Indian government has developed this app to compete on WhatsApp. This app is currently in testing phase, but soon it can be available for you users. However, it can be downloaded via the APK link on Android devices. This app is available on the Apple App Store. NIC has developed this instant messaging apps. Also Read – How to Send Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp: WhatsApp’s Dispensing Feature, How to Use

WhatsApp and Sandes Instant Messaging App are very similar, as both are instant messaging apps. The special thing is that the Sandes app being developed by the government is better than WhatsApp in many respects. That is, many such features are available on it, which are not available on WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp also has many features that are not available on the Sandes app. Let’s know about 5 such features that are on Sandes but are not currently available on WhatsApp. Also Read – WhatsApp privacy policy 2021 update: WhatsApp will not accept new policy, so what will happen to your account? Learn here
WhatsApp vs Sandes: 5 special features


In the Messages app, you get the option to log out. That is, users can use an account across multiple devices simultaneously. For this, users just have to login to another device. This feature is testing WhatsApp, but users have not received its update yet. Also Read – Made in India Apps: These are the ‘Desi’ options of WhatsApp, Twitter, Google Maps


Users also get a chatbot on the Sandes app. There is no such feature on Whatsapp. Many services can be availed by typing HELP on it. Weather information is also available on the chatbot. For this, users have to type WEATHER and city name and send it to the chatbot.

Email Login

Not only can users use the message app from their number, but users can also login it through E-mail id. There is no such feature on WhatsApp.

Email Chat Invite

Since your account can be created through the email ID on the Sandes app, friends can also be invited with their email ID on it. Also, a user can be chatted only with the email ID address. However, for this the other user must be on the app.

Occupation and Residential details

Sandes App users can also add date of birth, their jobs and other details in their profile. No such feature is found in Whatsapp.

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