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Twitter announces launch of Live Audio Conversation App Space

Talking about the audio chat app Clubhouse, Twitter announced the launch of a live audio conversion app space. For Android with 600 or more followers, ISO is available on Android. The company said it is also working on a ‘ticket specs’ facility for hosts, which they reward for experiences created by receiving monetary support, while giving listeners exclusive access to the conversations they are Care most. The host ticket prices will be determined by how much they have to sell.

A limited group will host ticket space in the coming months. Hosts earn the majority of revenue from ticket sales. Twitter will also keep a small amount. Anyone can block reports to others in a space, or report a space. In addition, the people you have blocked may not be included in the space you are hosting, if you have blocked someone, you will also see a label warning in the space you are joining.

Epic Games Acquires Artist’s Portfolio from Marketplace Artistic

Epic Games has acquired ArtStation, a job market for digital artists. Artistic Games, founded in 2014, provides a platform for creators across media entertainment where they can develop their portfolio, share and discover job opportunities. Epic Games Vice President General Manager Mark Petit said in a statement that the Artistic Leadership team brings tremendous talent, a unique track record of supporting a vibrant manufacturer community ecosystem.

We also hope to work with creators to give them access to more resourceful tools, empowering them to do their best work. Artistic will continue to operate as an independent branded platform, collaborating closely with the Unreal Engine team at Epic. CEO Artistic co-founder Leonard Teo said that as part of the epic, we will be able to carry on this mission and bring the community back in ways we could not do on our own. Input IANS

Available on ISO Android for devices with 600 or more followers
Anyone can block reports to others in a space, or report a space

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