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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to sell his first tweet, bid of Rs 2 crore

Twitter CEO and billionaire Jack Dorsey on Saturday announced his first tweet of March 6, 2006, to be sold as cryptocurrency, with a bid of $ 2,67,000 (approximately Rs 2 crore). ) Reached. Dorsey tweeted via a platform called ‘Valuables’ with a bidding link for NXT (non-fungible tokens). NXT is a digital token on the Ethereum blockchain.

On March 6, 2006, Dorsey posted her first tweet – “Just Setting Up My Twitter“. Dorsey tweeted a link on Saturday in which the bidding process to buy the tweet was on. According to ‘Valuables’, “What you are buying is a digital certificate of the tweet, it is unique because it has been signed and verified by the manufacturer.” However, the fact is that this tweet has been publicly available on the internet for almost 15 years.

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NXT allows people to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items and keep a record of who uses the blockchain. Noted artist Grimes recently sold several NXT items for about $ 6 million. An NXT from LeBron James earned a historic win for the Lakers. It grossed over $ 2,00,000.

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As reported by NPR, Leon’s band Kings is releasing their new album as NXT. NXT refers to a unit of currency on the blockchain, the way cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are bought and sold.

Let me tell you that only last month Jack Dorsi told analysts that Twitter wants to become one of the most open companies in the world. For this, the company is improving by accepting its mistakes. He said, “We are left behind in transparency. We are now giving people more choice and control. ”Dorsi said that Twitter would make its content removal policies more transparent, give people more control over their interactions, provide a market view for relevant algorithms and open source media Intends to finance the standard.

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