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Twitter’s big announcement: If you have followers too, now you will be able to earn money every month, know how in detail?

If you use the social media platform Twitter and you have more followers, then there is great news for you. On the micro-blogging site Twitter, just like Instagram (Instagram), YouTube, your users will get a chance to earn money. The company has made a big announcement for its users today. Twitter has announced two new features. With this new feature, the company will now also give users a chance to earn. According to the company’s announcement, now users will have the facility to show additional content to their followers and to create special content based on group and join the group.Also read Redmi K40 can be launched globally with this new name with 5G support, know what is the matter

Know, how much will you earn every month? According to the international website The Verge, it will have a super follow payment feature in which users will be able to take money to give their followers access to more content. This includes bonus tweets, access to community groups, subscription to the newsletter. Twitter has shown through a screenshot how Twitter users can earn $ 4.99 every month. Twitter wants to provide its users a means of earning through their fans. However, nothing has been told about when these facilities will be launched.

Facebook, YouTube have also launched this payment service

Let us know that these days the direct payment tool has been very important for the users. Patrian has also been very successful. Other social media platforms, including Facebook to YouTube and Git Hub, have also launched such a payment service. Now Twitter will also hold its stake in it. However, not much has been revealed about this. According to the company, the company’s revenue will also increase with this subscription feature.

This feature will be called ‘Community’

Twitter has named its new feature ‘Community’. It will be much like the Facebook group. In this, users can form groups according to their mind and will be able to join it. Twitter will show them many tweets on topics as per their liking. Let us know that this group of Facebook is very successful.

Twitter CEO invests $ 17 million in Bitcoin

Recently, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey’s credit and payments firm Square has invested $ 170 million in Bitcoin. This is 3 times more than its previous investment in cryptocurrency. The company reported in its quarterly earnings report that it has purchased approximately 3,318 bitcoins at an average price of 51,236.

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