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Useful thing: Do not make these mistakes while giving mobile to the service center, otherwise you may have to repent later

Whenever you go to buy a mobile phone for yourself, then you must definitely think that buy such a phone, which does not spoil quickly. Although mobile is an electronic device, in which there is often some defect. You cannot fully trust any kind of electronic device as to how long it will last. Well, if we talk about mobile phones, then for six months or a year, there is hardly any defect in it and even if it comes, it is minor, which we often try to fix by ourselves. If a major fault occurs and we do not understand what has happened, only then do we go to the service center. So we have to keep some things in mind.

If you are thinking of going to the service center to get your mobile repaired, then first of all keep in mind that go to the authorized service center only. Nowadays, many fake service centers have also opened, which put up the board of the authorize center. In this way people are deceived. Therefore, you can get information about the Authorized Service Center by visiting the website of the company whose phone you have or by calling the toll free number.

Before submitting the mobile to the service center, take special care that the photos, videos, numbers and other important data present in your phone should be backed up. There are many backup options like laptop, hard disk, memory card, google drive etc. Actually, it is said to take data because your personal data in the service center is at risk of becoming public and may also be deleted.

Many times people leave the SIM card, memory card and battery etc. in the service center in order to give their mobile in a hurry, while this should not be done at all. Although nowadays non-removable batteries are coming in the mobile, which cannot be removed, but the SIM card and memory card must be taken out and kept with you.

If you are giving your mobile to the service center, then it is necessary to take a fixed bill from there, because many times it happens that the service center updates the software of the mobile and also takes money from the people to change the parts. . That’s why it is important that you ask them the reason for the fault in the mobile and ask for a fixed bill for replacement of parts.

Many times it also happens that when we stay at home, we remember all the problems of the phone, but after going to the service center, we forget all the things. That is why it is better to make a list from home and take it that what are the problems in the mobile and you can easily tell about it to the service center people.

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