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Warning! These problems are happening in the smartphone, so be careful, check this way your phone is hacked or not

After the advent of the digital world, our life has become as easy as it is becoming difficult now. The fact is that various types of hacking cases have come to the fore in India, due to which people are now scared. Hackers are now defrauding people through smartphone hacking. Recently a controversy related to hacking surfaced, whose name is Pegasus. There is talk of spying on some big people through Pegasus app. After which common users have also started worrying about hacking and espionage etc. In such a situation, now the question is coming in everyone’s mind that how to find out whether his phone has been hacked or not. Today we have come up with a solution to your problem, here we will tell you about some signs by which you will know whether your phone is hacked or not..

Phone battery is draining faster than usual

If your phone’s battery is draining faster than usual, malware and fraudulent apps may be using malicious code that drains a lot of power. However, before you jump to conclusions, check the number of apps running in the background. Many apps running in the background also consume battery. So first turn them off and then monitor.

smartphone speed slow down

If your phone suddenly becomes slow, or hangs frequently, then your device may have malware in the background. In this case, factory reset your mobile immediately. This will protect your phone from being hacked.

Fast draining of battery is also a sign

If your smartphone’s battery is draining very fast, then it is a sign that malware or fake mobile apps may be present in your phone. These malicious codes keep draining the battery rapidly. However, before you jump to the conclusion that your phone is hacked, then check the mobile app running in the background. Sometimes the battery consumption also increases due to the apps running in the background. So first close the app running in background and monitor later.

Popups and advertisements are also a sign of hacking

It happens many times that when we open a mobile app or visit a website, suddenly suspicious popup-ads start appearing. In such a situation, your phone may have been infected with malware. Do not use third party apps to avoid malware.

Photos and videos that were never taken

If you have photos and videos in your photo gallery that you have never taken. So be careful as this is a sign that someone may be in control of your camera.

View the log of messages or calls

If you see some information in your call or message log, which you have not sent to anyone. So this can be a sign that hackers are using your phone.

phone heats up quickly

Please note that prolonged use can cause the phone to heat up, such as while gaming for hours or while running navigation apps or anything else. In such a situation, if your phone is getting very hot even when it is not in use, then there is a good chance that hackers are doing their job.

flash light on suddenly

If the flash light of your device is turned on even when you are not using the mobile, then it may be because the hacker is controlling your device.

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