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If you have a washing machine like this… just have to make a sound; it washes clothes by itself! The price is not too much


You must have seen that many devices can be operated on your voice command. Now the name of the washing machine has also been added to it. The special thing is that this washing machine does not only understand the command given in English, but you can also operate this machine in Hindi. Like suppose you asked this machine to do something in Hindi, then it will understand your language and will do your work.

This is really surprising, because it will make your work much easier and you will be able to wash your clothes with a straight voice. This machine is launched by Samsung, which has both Hindi and English user interfaces. This line-up of Fully automatic front load washing machines is made entirely for India. Its special technology helps to save 45% more care of clothes as well as save time and electricity. In this case, know how it works and how special it is…

What is special?

This special washing machine line-up with new models is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature, which allows consumers to get a customized laundry process. AI understands the user’s washing habits and remembers them and recommends the most frequently used washing cycle. In such a situation, you can add devices like smart TV, phone and Google Home to this machine.

Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India, states, “Consumption has become the top priority in this era of epidemic and smart home appliances that make life easier play an important role in this direction. Our new AI-enabled washing machine line-up is a key link in the series of inventions, with user interfaces in both Hindi and English languages. It is designed to give consumers an easy, intelligent and personalized laundry solution using machine learning. ‘

How much is the price

This new AI-enabled laundry line-up will be available in India from April 6 at a starting price of Rs 35,400. It can be purchased from Samsung Shop, the official online store of Amazon, Flipkart and Samsung along with retailers. Consumers purchasing the new washing machine range can avail up to 20% cashback and easy loan options such as EMI without interest and EMI starting from as low as Rs 990.

How does it work?

Auto dispense enables you to wash clothes properly in less time and effort. It automatically removes the right amount of detergent and softener for each load, saving 26% detergent and 46% softener. The easily refillable tank can hold enough washing detergent for up to 1 month. The wash allows the user to add more clothes or detergent to the machine after the washing cycle has started.

If something is left out, or you have to add extra softener or just a cloth to wash, it can be added anytime during washing. The QuickDrive technology completes the washing in just 39 minutes, using a super speed cycle with a 5 KG load. At the same time, hygiene cleans clothes deeply by releasing steam from the bottom of the steam drum and saturating the wash thoroughly.

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