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What are the remedies to get rid of the problem of black fungus? Disease epidemic declared in many states after increasing cases

Black fungus has been declared a rage by some states and its havoc is being seen in seven states of the country. States like Telangana, Rajasthan, UP and Bihar, including Maharashtra, Delhi, are facing the brunt of black fungus on a large scale. People here have to go to the hospital in critical condition again despite getting relief from Kovid. It is clear that understanding the cause, prevention and treatment of black fungus disease has become important for the people, because the number of people who are affected by it is increasing.

How is black fungus related to corona?

Black fungus means that mucor mycosis can spread in any patient whose immunity is very weak. The immunity of a person suffering from corona disease is weak and is due to antiviral drugs, steroids and immunosuppressant drugs. Steroids not only reduce immunity, but also increase the amount of sugar in the sugar patient rapidly. Therefore, it has been seen that in patients who have been used with steroid steroid and are seriously suffering from sugar disease, the risk of mucor mycosis has been seen.

Well-known doctor of PGI Chandigarh, Dr. Amod Gupta, says that black fungus can also be caused by the condition of ICU, where patients are given intravenous fluid and oxygen. There is a high possibility of black fungus spreading due to the moisturization in the environment there. Actually Dr. Amod Gupta insists that steroids were used all over the world, but the widespread appearance of black fungus in India itself is surprising.

On the other hand, member of the NITI Aayog, VK Paul, says that the inappropriate use of steroids in uncontrolled divertic patients can lead to black fungus. Therefore, there is a high probability of black fungus in serious sugar patients, it cannot be denied. The reason for black fungus corona spreading in the patient is its weak immunity. This disease can also happen to AIDS and cancer patients who are dependent on chemotherapy.

What is black fungus and how does it spread?

Black fungus is a disease spread by mucor mycosis while mucor mycosis is a form of fungi. This is called Opportunistic Infection. The reason for this is that as soon as the immunity of the body is weak, the risk of spreading it increases. Actually, this mucor mycosis can thrive more in soil, rotten fruits, vegetables and wet places. Therefore, in the ICU where wetness, ie oxygen and intravenous fluid need to be given, there is a high risk of its flourishing.

It is said that apart from keeping the environment of the ICU in the right condition, it is necessary to keep proper ventilation in the house and the kitchen. Mucor mycosis can also store its shelter in the stove and car, including the refrigerator at home. Therefore, it is more beneficial to ventilate it and to keep distance from foods like old vegetables, fruits, bread.

What is detection and treatment?

Sinus, runny nose, nose blockage, crust inside the nose, swelling on one side of the face, blood in the stool, including abdominal pain and diarrhea, fever and black spots under the eye are symptoms of black fungus. If it is identified in the initial stage, then it is easily curable, but if delayed, this disease can be fatal from 46 to 95 per cent. Removing the organ that infects the black fungus becomes a compulsion. At the same time, it is also impossible to avoid death in many cases.

Dr. Amit says that the reason for this is the incorrect use of oxygen cylinders. This has started to increase more because untrained people started using oxygen on their own in difficult times and started eating steroids as soon as the fever came without the advice of the doctor. The effect of black fungus is quite fatal on the brain, eyes and face. It has been seen that two weeks after getting rid of corona, patients have to come to the hospital due to black fungus.

Experts say that the patient suffering from corona due to taking steroids, taking betadine’s gargle, taking oxygen due to steam, changing the nasal prongs and keeping sugar control are essential measures to avoid black fungus. There are also some home remedies which are very effective to prevent black fungus and Ayurveda considers it very effective. According to Ayurveda, consuming two pinches of turmeric, one pinch of black pepper, lovin peppers and cinnamon increases immunity power and reduces the risk of such infections on the body.

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