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What is Ransomware Attack? How can you avoid this dangerous virus attack?

Recently, a major ransomware attack has occurred on American IT company Kasia. Kaseya’s corporate network and at least 1000 companies using its software were targeted in this cyber attack. The Russian cybercrime group Revil is suspected of carrying out this cyber attack. A ransomware attack is a cyber attack in which malicious software, ie software containing a virus file, enters someone’s computer through the Internet.

A virus file inserted into the computer locks the entire system, and then it cannot be accessed until its demand is met. Actually, to unlock the system, the hacker asks for money, without paying which the user cannot do any work on the system.

To collect the money, the hacker pops-up a message on the user’s system, on which it is written, ‘Pay to Unlock’. Hackers take the ransom amount in the form of Cryptocurrency, so that the user cannot even know the hacker’s bank account.

This type of computer virus is so dangerous that users cannot recover their important data in any way. Virus attacks are mostly done on the devices of big companies and government offices so that they can recover huge amount of ransom by stealing their data and stopping their work. Let us tell you how you can avoid ransomware attack…

Keep Data Backup

It is important that you always back up your data. It is recommended that you keep your important documents safe in cloud storage and external devices. Although a service like Google Drive, One Drive is the best for backup.

Do not click on unknown emails

Do not open emails from unknown sources or click on links in these emails, as this is a type of spam, and such emails can be dangerous, increasing the risk of virus transmission.

Change Anti-Spam Settings

Most Ransomware malwares are sent via email in .exe, .vbs, or .scr files. As soon as a user opens that file, his system gets hacked.

Do not open useless files

Do not download or open any unknown files online on your email. This increases the risk of ransomware attack.

Be Careful on Banking Emails

In emails that contain your banking information, and you receive a link that looks spammy, never click on such links.

Keep the system updated with the necessary software

Keep in mind that always update some important software of your computer.

Keep File Sharing System Disabled

Keep the file sharing system disabled as well, so that no file can be transferred from one place to another without the permission of the Admin.

Block Unknown IP Address

Block any unknown IP address on your WiFi or telecom network, so that no hacking can be done.

Keep Pop-Ups Off

Always turn off system pop-ups to protect your web browser from ransomware attacks. For this, go to the settings of your computer and smartphone’s web browser and keep the pop-up option blocked.

Keep Firewall ON

Keep in mind that always keep your Windows Firewall ON so that it works properly. The job of a firewall in every computer is to check the traffic coming and going on the Internet. This filters out software containing viruses and the firewall does not allow them to run. Apart from this, it also confirms which network is Trusted and which is Untrusted.

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