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While using mobile, keep these 4 things in mind, hackers will not be able to touch your personal data

Incidents of cybercrime have increased in the recent times. Hackers and cybercriminals find new ways to hack people’s mobiles. They steal personal data of users by breaking into their mobiles. This personal information also includes private photos and videos of Urja. Along with this, they also steal the banking details of the users and clear their hard earned money. We are going to tell you some such tips, by which you can keep the data in your mobile safe from hackers.

Third party apps

Many users download third party apps in their mobiles. Be aware that most third party apps include such links which are affected by malware. These malware work to steal the personal information of the phone. In such a situation, keep in mind that always download the app from the Google Play Store.

Update from time to time

Companies provide security patches or software updates from time to time for the users. These updates also include security features. These updates are very important for mobile. Let us tell you that due to the flaws in the system or software, sometimes bugs also come in the phone, due to which hackers can hack the mobile of the users. In such a situation, whenever the company gives software or security updates in the phone, then install it in the phone immediately. This will keep your mobile safe from hackers.

set strong password

Many times people put easy password in the phone. Or some people do not like to put password, pin or pattern in mobile. Easy password can be easily broken by hackers and hack your phone. In this case, put a strong password. At the same time, people around you are also interested in your personal data and from them you can keep your data safe by putting a password, PIN or pattern in the phone.

Do not click on unknown links

Many times, many types of links come in WhatsApp or messages which are from unknown numbers. If any link comes in your phone from an unknown number, then do not open it without checking it. Sometimes these links can prove to be very dangerous. With the help of these links, hackers can hack your mobile security. Also, get the personal information present in your phone. In such a situation, do not click on any link without thinking.

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