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World Consumer Rights Day: Victims of Online Fraud? Know where and how you can complain

World Consumer Rights Day

Digitization of the world is being done very fast. In such a situation, online fraud is also seen fast. In such a situation, during online shopping, some other delivery is done in place of the goods which are ordered by the customers, or sometimes the defected products are supplied. But many times the customers are not heard by the company on complaining. In such a situation, people get stuck with all kinds of electronic, fashion, clothes, books, etc. Also Read – Jobs in retail sector: Out of jobs in retail sector in India, 25 million people will get jobs by 2030

Although many times such cases are dealt with by the company, but sometimes the cases reach the court and many times fraud is done to the customer through fake company, which is difficult to get refund. In such a situation, the Consumer Protection Act-2019 is brought by the Government of India in the year 2019. Its arrival benefited the customers a lot. That is, customers can now register their complaints easily. All types of complaints related to online fraud, fraud, delivery of wrong goods, methods of payment can be registered. Also Read – Ordered iPhone 12 Pro Max Online, Found Apple Flavor Curd!

After the introduction of this rule, a customer care number is necessary for the online marketplace. Also, according to the guidelines, complaints have to be taken within 48 hours and redressal has to be done. In such a situation, if you want to complain about these frauds, then where can the complaint be lodged? If you want to register your case in the Consumer Forum, then you have to follow the steps given below.
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