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World’s Thinnest Watch This company has prepared the world’s thinnest watch, its price is more than 140 million

Actually, the world’s thinnest watch Richard Mille RM UP-01 has been launched recently. This watch by Richard Mille is the thinnest watch in the world. Whose price is not in lakhs, but in crores. The cost of only one watch of Richard Mille is about 14.5 crores. Let us tell you, Richard Mille’s company is known for making robust sports watches and many of its watches have also been supported by famous tennis player Rafael Nadal.
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It is worth noting that the weight of this watch is only 30 grams and this watch is so thin that even the attached strap in it looks very thick. It took 6000 hours to make this clock. According to Richard Mille, at present, the company has prepared only a limited piece of RM UP-01. Let me tell you, 150 pieces of it have been prepared. Its price has been fixed at $ 1.88 million i.e. about Rs 14.5 crore.

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