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You can get 730GB data in this plan of Jio by paying just Rs 2 more, know by clicking

Reliance Jio is the top mobile network company in India. The arrival of Jio has brought a revolutionary change in the telecom sector of India. Jio has introduced many recharges for the users at affordable rates. Since then other companies also had to reduce the prices of their plans. Today we are going to tell you about a similar plan of Reliance Jio, which is a very good plan.

Right now Reliance Jio has two such annual plans, which are the best plans in the market in terms of data limit. In one of its plans, daily data is available without any limit, while in its second plan, double data is available on paying only two rupees more than the first plan. Reliance Jio’s first plan is Rs 2,397 while the second plan is Rs 2,399. In Reliance Jio’s Rs 2,397 plan, 365 GB data is available for a year. In this 365 GB data is available without any limit. At the same time, 730 GB data of the year is available in Reliance Jio’s Rs 2,399 plan.

Let’s know about these two plans:

Jio plan of Rs 2,397: Jio’s first annual plan is Rs 2,397 in which you get unlimited calls for one year and 365 GB data for 365 days with Jio apps. There is no daily limit of data in this plan and users can use this data anytime without any limit. That is, the facility of unlimited data is being provided with daily unlimited calling. If seen, this is the most economical plan in the annual tariff plan of any company, in which there is no limit on both daily data and calling.

Jio plan of Rs 2,399: This plan of Jio offers 100 SMS per day with unlimited on-net calls and 2GB daily data for 365 days, i.e. a total of 730GB data is available throughout the year in this plan. In this plan, you can now make domestic calls to any other number. Along with this, 100 SMS per day and complimentary subscription of Jio apps are also available. The maximum daily data limit in this is 2GB, which is valid for 365 days. So you can choose your plan according to your need and convenience and can avail unlimited calling and data for one year. Customers have benefits in both the plans, just choose the right offer keeping in mind your need and take advantage.

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