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Zero-Click Hacks: Without doing anything your phone will be hacked.. Read How Zero-Click Hacks work?

New Delhi. Zero-Click Hacks You must be hearing this name quite a lot these days…but do you know what it is and how it works? So let us tell you that they can attack without clicking on the device, they are called zero click attacks… Not shocked… Actually, this technology is a new form of what you can call the development of the world of cyber security. Which is spreading its foot rapidly in the world of cyber at this time. Zero-click hacks are no longer for secret agents and sci-fi movies with unrealistic plots. Based on developments in the cyber security world, zero-click hacks are growing at a steady pace. Such attacks are usually very highly targeted in nature. These attacks can have massive consequences, causing you to lose complete control over your life without knowing that something is wrong in the background.

Know what is Zero Click Hacks?

As the name suggests hack without any quill. That is, without clicking on any Call / SMS / Link, your phone or your account can be hacked. Actually, hackers will take advantage of the lack of technology and enter your phone and you will not even know. The Pegasus software works in a similar way. Pegasus is a software designed to gain access to your phone without consent and collect personal and sensitive information to give it to spying users. It has gone beyond the phishing message trick to break into your smartphone or smart device. Pegasus’s modern attack doesn’t send a link or message, which, when clicked, spreads the malware to your device. That is, the user does not get a missed call, no message and no link in any way.. but he becomes a victim of hacking. This technique of attacking spyware is called zero click attack.

Know how dangerous it is

Let us tell you that this technology is so dangerous that any cyber attack can happen without doing anything from the device you are using. Whether it is iOS or Android or Windows or macOS. On this, even big cloud companies are trying to protect their servers from such attacks. This includes companies from Apple to Google. Which is preparing to avoid this cyber threat and stay safe. At the same time, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services have taken several steps to block malware.

How do zero click hacks work?

For example, you can see the WhatsApp rules violation of the year 2019. Which was triggered by a missed call. This attack has been done with a missed call trick. Now anyone can give you a missed call, you cannot stop it. That’s just how Zero Click Hack works. Let us tell you that the missed call trick took advantage of a flaw in the source code framework of the world’s most popular messaging app WhatsApp. The missed call allowed the attacker to load spyware into the data exchange between the two devices. Once loaded, the spyware will automatically be enabled as a background resource. which will be deeply embedded within the software framework of your device.

What to do to avoid them?

The Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) aims to help identify whether Pegasus has infected the device or not. Although it works on both Android and iOS devices, it requires some command line knowledge. The MVT is also expected to get a Graphical User Interface (GUI) over time, making it easier to understand and operate. Also keep your device and software up to date. Go to your settings and activate automatic updates. Have a unique hard-to-guess password for your device, site, and each app. Wherever possible, enable two-factor authentication.

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